感激團隊努力促成我們 Art6Studio一個標誌性的新階段。



當然亦有我的作品及故事。其中特別為了今次限定將最喜歡的一個作品THE POWER 推出 artcard 及A2 尺寸黑白版本。

請上 Art6Studio以查看詳細信息和藝術品


It’s so blessing to announce the new phase of Art6Studio. 

Kyoko is Japanese born artist. Her arts seems to be in abstract style but when you look deeper into her works, you may see there are different animals filled with wild and energetic energy.

Penny is from Mexico City, with amazing artistic expression of Byzantine Art developed in the Eastern Roman Empire, from the 14th to the 15th century, as an extension of the early Paleo- Christian art.
Which representing the highest expression of realism or abstract art.

You can find my full portfolio on the platform too. For this special moment, you can see the Black and White limited edition of my favourite artwork: THE POWER drops as artcards and A2 size version.

Buddies pls visit Art6Studio.com to check out the details and artworks🤩
Hope to introduce their amazing artworks and the story behind in exhibitions in Hong Kong very soon.
Art6Studio instagram 



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