【FEARLESS, 2011】

近來又再審視自己的TinyHongKong Collection。對於自己成長的地方感情一定是深,尤其是每幅作品也紀錄了一段時間的回憶,看著這個十年前的畫面,又一次感受到時間的殘酷。或者藝術的其中一個功能就是這樣了吧。


FEARLESS, 2011 (TinyHongKong Collection)
Hong Kong
Story of the Artwork:
This artwork was taken with my Nikon FM2 Camera in 2011. I born in Hong Kong and I really love this tiny international city from my heart. HK is a place with mixed Eastern and Western cultures, you can find the desired lifestyle with traditional and modern features in this place. There is an infinite possibility on this island.
It should be the happiest time when I was young before I started my own business. With my friends, hanging around the sea and mountains, traveling without purpose, searching for the direction of life. At the age of 30 something is beautiful and fearless, just like in front of the door of adventure, and ready to make a big change in life.
It's a very very special day, a very good memory of my life. I really love such peaceful scenery and love to capture it as my private memories collection. Hope that my Artwork in TinyHongKong Collection reminds people or collectors of the beauty of this tiny beautiful island.


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